A purported tape of a UEW student giving a detailed account of her experience with some guys on the south campus of UEW is doing the rounds online.

She claims that the male students at South Campus lack fundamental understanding regarding how to dress and how to smell presentable when going out.

The woman claims in the tape that she has never had a crush on any male on the south campus based only on appearance. 

They don’t appeal to her, and she makes a promise not to go out with any south campus guys unless they change to match her standard.
She wants the males from South Campus to stop smelling like “abokyi” and start using pricey perfumes.

She told the boys on the south campus once more to quit buying GHS 5 “kebabs” and instead bring something worthwhile to have when going out with a guy.

Before going out with the girls on the south campus, she advised, men should put a maximum of GHS 200. 00 in their wallets.

On South Campus, I’ve never met a person that I would describe as a good boy. I hope not.

When my friend last asked me to help her locate a guy, I told her that I had never had a crush on a male. On the south campus, there are a few men who are well-dressed. On South Campus, just 5% of the guys are well-dressed; the other 95% are horrors.

They even have a bad stench, not to mention the type of footwear and haircuts they have.

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