Apostle Frank Gago, popularly known as Apostle Ekasto, has said that traditional priestess-turned-pastor Nana Agradaa will eventually turn her church into a drinking bar.

He said this in an interview with Akoma FM’s Tony Best on Entertainment 360.

Sharing an opinion on the rampant ranting of Agradaa’s relationship with her husband on social media lately, Apostle Ekasto said God has a way of punishing anyone once they offend Him.

“Agradaa has no church members, but has people who are desperately in need of money and God has directed them to go to her so-called church and collect all the money she lured people to give her in the past.

“When she finishes sharing the money, her members will stop going to the church and she wouldn’t get back her money in any other form like she has assumed and that will leave her with no other option than to turn her church into a drinking bar,” Apostle Ekasto predicted.

Apostle Ekasto believes that Agradaa didn’t have to lead a church at this time.

Perhaps, he said, she should have started with evangelism, then after several years of being mentored by other men of God, she could establish a church or lead one.

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